Originating from Denmark this globe has been in the family for over three generations. Unfortunately at some point it was damaged resulting in the globe cracking and splitting. A previous repair attempt had seized the rotating parts.

The task was to return to to a working state so that the client would be able to hand on her grandfather’s globe to her children.

Work done

  • Dismantle the globe and assess the work required
  • Identify the adhesive used in the previous repair and find a solvent that would soften the adhesive whilst not damaging the components. Iso-propyl alcohol worked albeit very slowly.
  • Soften the adhesive. Use a scalpel to remove the softened layers – repeat, repeat, repeat until the adhesive was removed. Clean bearing surfaces
  • Bond the cracks in the Southern Hemisphere acrylic hemisphere
  • Rebond cracked map print
  • Tighten the electrical connections
  • 3D print a nut holder for the ‘Arctic’ fixing and a ring to take the screw
  • Service and clean the light spot mechanism
  • Align and bond the northern to the southern hemisphere
  • Design and print a new 3mm wide equator band. Seal paper and then glue around the equator.
  • Fix cracks in base and secure the mains cable in position
  • Remove snapped plastic lamp fitting screw. Make and fit a brass replacement.

Time to do the job: 30 hrs


8 Replies to “Scan Globe A/S 1980”

  1. Hi!

    Bit random, but I have the same globe and can’t figure out how to remove the fixture to change the light bulb.


    1. On the globe I repaired you didn’t need to separate the two halves of the globe to remove the bulb holder. In this case the globe had been dropped and was in pieces.

      You will need to undo the top fitting. This can be a challenge as sometimes the screw is tight and the whole fitting rotates when you try to unscrew it. It needs to be unscrewed counterclockwise (same direction as a normal screw). Try wedging the fitting so the screw can be freed. Once this screw is removed carefully turn the globe upside down and twist the bottom collar through 90 degrees. The light mechanism should separate from the globe. You may need to adjust the lens arm (that focuses a dot on the inside of the globe) so you can remove the lamp fitting from the inside of the globe. It’s quite tight so gently does it.

      I replaced the bulb with an LED pilot lamp which doesn’t get so hot.

      Maurice (aka Mo)
      Make and Mend

      1. Hi Maurice,

        I also need to change the light bulb in one of those. Your reply above was useful for me to get to the old one without damaging the globe, thank you!
        Could you point me to the LED you used for yours?

        Best wishes,

  2. Thanks! I got a similar led bulb (slightly smaller) and works well, even for the lens feature. Here’s to some more years for our globes!


  3. My globe needs a new piece to connect the stand to the arc that holds the globe. Where can I find such a thing?

  4. My globe needs a new piece to connect the stand/base to the arc that holds the globe. Where can I find such a thing? Thank you.

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